Monday, January 28, 2013

Seriously Delicious Yogurt

A few weeks ago, I found myself perusing the yogurt isle at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom.  I was in the mood to try something different seeing as Fage 2% accounts for 90% of my yogurt consumption.

I ended up finding Noosa, an Australian style yogurt.  It comes in a handful of flavors: blueberry, mango, peach, honey, raspberry, passion fruit, and strawberry rhubarb.  I didn’t purchase any that day because my basket was way too full already.  However, I ended up purchasing some last weekend when I was at Target.

01-27-2013 001 01-27-2013 003

The package contains two four ounce servings and each serving is 140 calories.  I had the yogurt this past Saturday for breakfast.  It was delicious, rich, smooth, and creamy.  To be honest, it tasted a lot like full fat Greek-style yogurt. 

01-27-2013 006 01-27-2013 008

Apparently, Australian style yogurt is basically Greek-style yogurt infused with honey.  The honey is supposed to add a “sweet-tart tang”.  I may have not tried a notably different type of yogurt but Noosa was so delicious I don’t really care.  The two servings were pretty filling and wonderfully decadent.  Next time you are at Target of Whole Foods, pick yourself up a container.  You will  be glad you did.       

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  1. who knew there was such a thing as aussie yogurt?