Sunday, February 17, 2013

Restaurant Week – Blacksalt

Last Sunday afternoon Dave and I went to lunch at Blacksalt for Restaurant Week.  With three course $20 lunches and $35 dinners, I love me some Restaurant Week.  I always try and make reservations at the luxe establishments I am less likely to try on a whim.   FYI, I have been trying to get a Restaurant Week reservation at Rasika for the last three or four Restaurant Weeks.  That place is Fort Knox.     

Blacksalt is a seafood market and restaurant in the Palisades neighborhood of D.C.  The food was really terrific.  I made a point to be picky so I could provide a helpful review but all the dishes were on point.  I will be going back at some point in the future.

Lunch began with fresh fruit salad with mint.  Admittedly, I am not big on fruit salad.  I have some weird fruit phobias.  However, it the spirit of being open, I had some.  The fruit was very fresh, always a treat in February. 

02-12-2013 005

For the first course, I selected the Rhode Island Calamari with Chipotle Remoulade and Dave chose the House Cured Organic Salmon Gravlax.  Both were great.  Dave and I ended up switching appetizers after a few bites.  He loves calamari and I can’t get enough smoked salmon in my life.
02-12-2013 01102-12-2013 008

I selected the grilled Mahi Mahi with Roasted Root Vegetables and Kale for my entree   The fish was light and had a wonderful smoky flavor.  The root vegetables were perfection.  They were cooked with a touch of bacon but weren't too fatty.  I had a half glass of white wine with my entree   The waiter provided a recommended but the variety is escaping me at the moment.
Dave got Addie’s Mussels, Shallot, Garlic, Tomato, and Lemon.  I only tried one, but it was good, very fresh.

02-12-2013 01702-12-2013 013

Dessert didn’t disappoint.  I ordered the house made ice cream, pistachio and chocolate.  It was served with fresh berries and a crispy wafer.  Dave ordered the Chambord Chocolate Torte. It was served with a raspberry sauce and whipped cream. 

Both desserts were fantastic.  The wafer that came with my ice cream was much better than I would have guessed.  It was crispy and had a wonderful caramel flavor.  It was closer to a piece of brittle than a cookie.  The chocolate torte was the perfect dessert to cure a serious chocolate craving.

02-12-2013 021 02-12-2013 019

If you like seafood and want to celebrate a special event or enjoy a nice meal out, check out Blacksalt.  The food gets an A and the service gets a B+.    

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