Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day (Giveaway)

Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?  I have mixed feelings about the holiday.  While I enjoy showing some love to the people I care about; I have a low threshold for the holiday’s clichés.  I especially hate Kay Jewels advertisements.  They are cringe worthy. 

One thing I can’t get enough of though, holiday treats.  When I was a kid, my mom used to make heart shaped cookies with pink butter cream frosting.  Those babies were magical.   Now that I am an adult, my mom sends me chocolates.  Equally delicious and far less work for her.  

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am giving away the chocolate bar pictured below to one lucky reader.  To enter the drawing, leave a comment on this post telling me your name and your favorite Valentine’s Day treat.  Post your comment by Midnight EST. on 2/14/2013.  I will randomly draw a winner and post the winner’s name on Friday.          

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  1. ooh i want chocolate. anything with chocolate is always my favorite. happy valentines day :)

  2. That Chocolate is MINE!!!! Julia did not leave her favorite ingredient -- she's disqualified! My favorite ingredient, other than human ears, is CHOCOLATE!!! (well, at the moment it's all I can think about)... Happy Valentine's Day!

    My name is Peyton
    And I be waitin...
    For my CHOCOLATE!!!

    1. Oh... I guess she is qualified because she said "favorite" --- though legally speaking she could have been referring to her favorite brand of perfume.

    2. You are a trip Peyton! Miss you.

  3. markholdrege. Dark Chocolate, absolutely!!!! Yum.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Katie! My favorite valentine treat is chocolate covered strawberries. They are yummy! I also love cookies.


  5. Megan McNitt
    My favorite Valentine's Day treat is...the cream filling in chocolates, or the caramel

  6. My name's Maya. =)

    And my favorite Valentine’s Day treat right now is a raspberry dark chocolate truffle - mmm, so creamy and smooth...

  7. I am the only childish fool who still can't resist a good gummy heart? Mmmm so squishy and full of red dye #40. . . Especially good if I am expecting cherry/strawberry and the gummy heart is CINNAMON!

    PS. . It's Rin.