Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Tried Biscoff Spread

Biscoff spread is Europe's alternative to peanut butter, according to producer Lotus Foods.  However, it contains no nuts. It does have the consistency of peanut butter but is largely comprised of ground up Biscoff Cookies, the cookies you get when you fly Delta.  FYI, Biscoff spread was invented by Els Scheppers in 2007 as part of a reality TV competition in Belgium.

I first learned of Biscoff spread from the blogosphere.  However, I received two free jars when I visited the Belgium Embassy this May during the yearly embassy open houses.  The product distributor recommended placing it on ice cream as a topping.  The Biscoff website says you can also enjoy it with apples or on toast.  I went with the distributors recommendation and tried it out on vanilla ice cream.

 06-04-2013 002
06-04-2013 009

Biscoff tastes exactly like molten graham crackers and its flavor mixed well with vanilla ice cream.  The spread didn’t stir into the ice cream as well as I would have hoped.  However, my kitchen was warm so my ice cream melted quickly.  I wouldn’t put Biscoff on toast, but I seem to enjoy eating it out of the jar.  If you like eating cookie dough, you will probably like Biscoff.    


  1. Nothing like ordering milk and cookies from the flight attendant. But really, they're tasty cookies.

  2. Midwest Airlines used to give out warm chocolate chip cookies, they were great.

  3. Hmm never even heard of it. I think I'll stick with nutella.

  4. Julia's comment is exactly what I was thinking. I've never heard of biscoff spread and peanut butter is fairly rare, but Nutella is in every grocery store and at every fest. Now that I've heard of it, I'll see if they sell Biscoff in the German grocery stores or if it's just a Belgian thing.